Business Health Check

What is a Business Health Check?

Do you need to get funding? How certain are you that your business is successful?  Are you certain that your business can survive a set back or a catastrophe? Are you making the money you deserve?  Do you want more work life balance?

These are just some of the questions you will encounter and address in our Business Health Check! The Health Check created by Devoted Business Development is designed to give the key decision makers in your company critical insights into their business and the health of it.  Additionally many companies will take our assessment in preparation for getting ready to sell (because a healthy business is worth more), or when they aren’t growing and cannot understand why.

If you are concerned about your answers so far, you need our Business Health Check!  Our comprehensive check includes and assessment pertaining to 13 key categories:

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Financial Health

Marketing Plan

Business Success Planning

Pricing of Products or Services

Growth Strategy-People and Business

Sales Process

Key Performance Indicators

Company Morale and Culture

Work-Life Balance

Catastrophe Plan

Exit Plan




Are you ready to see how healthy your business is?


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